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It is known that any sewer or any other stock system consists of tubes that are interconnected with couplings and bends. In the butting position, especially where the pipe makes a turn at a certain angle, often there is rubbish, which is brought by water flows. Every hostess knows the situation, when the rubbish appears in the tube. Moreover, it is often difficult to determine exactly where it is. Basically, these locations of such plugs are sumps of siphons in the kitchen sink and bath, toilet bend, tap to the riser pipe and the place of connection between floors.

Removal of the blockages in pipes is possible in several ways. One of this РOrder Best Garbage Disposal 

Removal of the blockages with plumber’s friend

This well-known assistant in the fight with “plugs” in the pipes can be successfully used in the case if it is little blockage or it was formed not so long ago. For example, if yesterday flow of water in the sink was unobstructed, and today it is suspiciously slow, the plumber’s friend in this case will quickly and effectively restore the normal operation of sewer system.

This will happen by means of stream of air, which is blown into the pipe with the help of this simple construction from the rubber nozzle and wooden handle. Just a few light pressures with plumber’s friend over the hole in the sink, and blockage will disappear, and water will start to go smoothly in its intended direction.

Cleaning of siphon of sink

To remove the cork from the accumulated dirt in the siphon, it should be dismantled. To do this correctly, you should know that there are two types of siphons of kitchen sink: bottle and bag traps.

If you have bottle trap, it is easier to remove with force cup. If this does not work, then you need to disassemble the siphon. First of all, you need to put an empty bucket under the sink. Then you should unscrew the sump, loosening the nut on the connecting pipe. Then dismantle the flexible isolating drain and outlet pipes. When the siphon is dismantled, it is necessary to cook a prepare simple device – a wire with hook at the end.

You have to use it to clean the blockage in the pipe. Bottle traps can be clean-out pipe, which cover must be removed, and also to work with wire. This method can be used to remove blockage in the bath.

As it is 21st century now, the producers of detergents and cleaners could not help to take care of such an important matter as the cleaning of pipes in order to remove plugs of dirt and debris in them.  Special liquid cleaners that are able to break down fat and dissolve organic and inorganic waste are released.

There are remedies for washing plastic and metal sewer stocks, which can be bought in any store of household chemicals. They are able to remove very efficiently the clog from sewer pipes and help in the most hopeless situations.

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