Top Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

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A memory foam pillow is the right pillow to promise a good night’s sleep, and the ultimate sleep experience. As there are so many brands and types available, you need to spend time and energy choosing the top memory foam pillow to stop getting up with a stiff neck or low back pain!

What is a memory foam pillow?

It’s a pillow made using foam that supports your neck and back by ‘molding’ to your neck and head by creating a cradle for your head to sleep on. It provides pain relief while sleeping, has good density and is thicker and heavier than normal pillows.

Reasons to buy one

  • People suffering from back, shoulder or neck pain get relief from the pillow
  • It moulds its shape to your body contour and is comfortable to sleep on.
  • It gives ultimate comfort by molding itself to your head shape
  • It’s not too firm or too soft, but perfect for people suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain.

Types of memory foam pillows

There are various types of memory foam pillows giving you the right support where you need it the most. You need to choose keeping your personal needs in mind based on the overnight relief you seek. Not only types, memory foam pillows are also available in varied sizes like full, king, twin and queen to appropriately fit your bed, and in various brands.

  1. A neck roll looks like a giant roll and is perfect if you have neck problems. It can also be used while travelling and as a throw pillow on the couch while watching TV, reading or relaxing.
  1. If you are looking for a slight, but comfortable elevation, then a wedge should work. It alleviates problems like acid reflux, snoring, sleep apnea, heartburn, to help drain sinuses, leg pain relief and also increases circulation.
  1. Traditional memory foam pillows keep you cool while sleeping and resembles traditional bed pillows.
  1. Contour memory foam pillows are regular pillows with a dip in the middle to support your neck while cradling your head in between. It also alleviates snoring, aligns the spine and improves circulation for a good night’s sleep.
  1. V-shaped pillows are comfortable for stomach sleepers as your head and neck perfectly fit into the V-shape. It provides relief from neck pressure and stress and can be used with a traditional bed pillow.

Now you know the reasons to buy memory foam pillows, and the many types available, you should have no problem finding the top memory foam pillow for yourself!

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